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Home of Lisa
Home of Lisa
BJ 36
My original accounts been purged. Need a code from someone with an existing account to make another.
Anyone have one I may use please?
Thank you
9th-Mar-2013 02:11 am - Comic-Con 2013
clexotp danny
anyone going thay may need a roommate?
lexii clex

Even Superman's gotta take the bus sometimes

15th-Mar-2012 05:45 pm(no subject)
Boah I came

‘Twilight’ Inspired Fan Fiction Turned Best Seller Now Could Be A Movie

10th-Feb-2012 07:52 pm(no subject)

Entertainment Weekly talks about 'shippers' and fanfiction

Wincest is mentioned

3rd-Jan-2012 04:43 pm - SHERLOCK
clexotp danny
Watching Sherlock season 2 epi.1
Thanks for the links my friends. I was dieing to see this :D
13th-May-2011 10:41 pm - Smalleville
clexotp danny
Desperately need fic now! Haven't read any in a long while.
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